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Out of college I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist so I choose by method of study to finish as a physical therapist.  During my 1st year of college I was working as a printer running a big printing press.  While the printing press was doing its thing I was looking through a fitness magazine and was loving this nutrition article on how food can transform your body and help you sculpt your ideal body.  

I was fascinated by it and I loved reading about how nutrition was so powerful in regards to how our bodies look.  Then the light bulb went off and the very next day I went to the college counselors office and changed my major to nutrition and dietetics.  

This was the start to my satisfying and enjoyable career helping others achieve the body they desire.  I still had an uphill battle because you see men are the minority in the Dietetics field.  At that time I was 1 of 35 students in my nutrition classes and only 1 of 2 men in the classes.  

This was a blessing even though I didn’t know it at the time, but I was being trained on how to listen to what a women goes through, the struggles achieving and maintaining a desirable body image.  

As I would come to find out a few years later when I became a Registered Dietitian it was easier for me to understand the struggles of my clients and in doing so better able to help them reach their ideal goals.  

This still holds true today with Jaylab Pro.  

You see when this company was started fitness professionals in the industry were struggling with what to tell their clients about nutrition and/or supplements.  Should they take supplements or shouldn’t they and if so what are they to be taking.  What are their clients supposed to be eating? 

This gave myself and 2 others the idea to start a nutritional supplement company but with a twist.  

Instead of just coming up with nutritional supplements like you would see at a supplement store we decided to educate the fitness professionals and their clients.  

You see as a Registered Dietitian I have always been a food first person and establishing a solid nutritional foundation is key to reaching your goals.  That foundation is built from food first.  Then once your nutritional foundation is solid should you add in specific supplements to fill in any weaknesses in that foundation.  


I have been quoted or featured in various publications.  The most recent publication can be seen in Total Shape.  

You will see on this website we have thousands of nutrition articles as well as hundreds of Nutrition Quickie videos for you to learn how to build your solid nutritional foundation.  If you already have the foundation built then that is great. We can move to step 2 with filling in some of the weak spots with solid high quality supplements and nutrients.  

Don’t buy a supplement though to replace a deficiency.  Now it isn’t realistic that your nutritional foundation will be so rock solid that you won’t need a single supplement.  That just won’t be the case with our busy lifestyles and the nutritional quality of our food getting worse.  

So there are situations where shoring up the foundation is essential such as if you struggle with getting in enough protein in your diet.  Then a protein powder is a good supplement to help fill in that weak spot.  Or maybe you just don’t eat enough vegetables each and every day.  This is where a whole food based multivitamin is beneficial.  

I know from my 23+ years of experience as a Dietitian that as a society we struggle with consuming enough cold water fatty fish such as Salmon which provides our essential Omega-3 fats.  So you eat the best you can regarding your fish intake and then supplement with a high quality krill oil. 

You see high quality nutritional supplements do have a purpose and that purpose is to supplement what you are already doing through food to build the strongest nutritional foundation that you can.  

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"Highly recommended to me by personal trainer Suanne Reiner. All products very well explained on the site. Great prices, and a super and easy shopping experience!"

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"Nice being able to try the product. Such an easy experience website didn't give me a hard time. The product is wonderful and came fast."

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"Always easy - long time customer here and plan to stay that way."

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Jaylab Pro was founded by Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter. Jayson has been recognized as one of America's foremost weight loss experts by America's Premier Experts™. He has also been featured in USA Today for this accomplishment. Jayson is also a best-selling author having co-authored multiple books in health & fitness and business growth. Jayson and the Jaylab Pro team are proud to create content that helps improve the lives of millions of people around the world. We hope you enjoy it just as much as others have.

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