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The Jaylab Pro Article Library

Below are some of our most popular articles that have been read by hundreds of thousands of people. Remember to bookmark this page as we update this page often with new articles.

Krill Oil/Heart Health:

What The Heck Is Astaxanthin And How Does It Help Promote Fat Loss?

Important News For People Who DO NOT Eat Fish

Shrink Your Fat Cells

Tiny Creatures.  POWERFUL Health Benefits.

Increase Your Strength With Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Can Krill Oil Help Relieve PMS Symptoms?

The WORST Type of Fish For Your Health


The #1 Secret to Looking Younger, Living Longer, and Achieving a Leaner, Stronger and BETTER Body

These are the WORST Foods That Speed Up Aging and Fat Gain (beware)

3 Foods That Slow the Aging Process 

Reduce WRINKLE and CELLULITE With This SUPER Berry? 

The 4 NEW Superr Foods You Need To Know 

The Powerful Effects of Green Tea 

Grapes and Green Tea: Could They Improve Blood Sugar Control

What They NEVER Told You About Coffee

Six Unusual Superfoods

The Antioxidant Power of Resveratrol

Inside Your Body: How Resveratrol Protects Your Cells

Green Tea and Aging: Powerful New Way To Prevent Functional Disability

The Number One Fruit for Better Heart Health

Protect Your Heart With The Antioxidant Power of Green Tea 

Increase the Longevity of Your Heart With CoffeeBerry®

POWERFUL Anti=Aging Secret Revealed

Tiny Cells.  Big Problems.

Coffee + Belly Fat = AMAZING Results 

Drink THIS Every Morning To Burn 2X The Belly Fat?

Can Coffee Help You Recover From Your Workouts Faster?

Are You Keeping Your DNA Healthy?

Is This WEIRD Miracle Bean The Newest Superfood? 

Strategies For Healthy Aging

The One Drink For a FASTER Metabolism 

The Top 4 Foods to Eat To Live To 100 (or many years past) 

Your Bodies Secret to Longevity

Fat Loss:

15  Simple Rules For Easy Fat Loss

Internal Inflammation And Your Damaged Metabolism

Can Caffeine Help You Burn Fat Faster?

Five Of The BEST Foods For Fat Loss

Six Easy Ways To Burn MORE Fat

Benefits Of Krill Oil For Fat Metabolism

Burn 4.6% More Belly Fat With This Powerful Morning Drink

Testosterone And BodyFat (High Testosterone = Low Body Fat)

The Best Way To Beat Cellulite

Do This 5 Times A Week And Get FAT?

Drink Coffee Daily To Boost Your Fat Burning Hormones

Fat Loss Basics You MUST Know 

The 3 Most Unusual Ways Restaurants Are Making Us Fat

The Best Core Exercises For A Flatter, Toner Core

Drink Coffee Daily To Boost Your Fat Burning Hormones

4 Tips To KILL Your Food Cravings

If You Did These Two Things You Would Burn More Fat

Swap Out These 3 Problems To Lose Fat Faster

Top 3 Fat Fighting Fruits

How To Lose Weight and Get Fit in Just 4 Minutes a Day!

Follow These 3 Simple Fat Loss Hacks

The Low-Fat Scrambled Egg Debacle

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?

The Invisible Substance That's Making You Gain Weight (shocking results)

Do You Want A Flat Midsection Without Sacrificing Your Favorite Foods?

NEVER Try The Paleo Diet Without Reading THIS First

How To Stay Motivated--Even When You Stop Losing Weight

How Excess Abdominal Fat Isn't Just UGLY, it's Downright DANGEROUS For Your Health

Simple Food Hack #3: Increase Your Protein Intake

7 Ways to Stay Motivated (video)

3 Food That Reduce Bloating (video)

Cellulite Solutions (video)

Lose Weight With These Low-Calorie Foods (video)

Want To Permanently Lose Weight (video)

We Can't Get Enough Of This Veggie (video)

Does Weight Loss Come First Or Does Better Health Come First? (video)

Bottled Water and Canned Foods are Making You Pack on the Pounds and Struggle with NEVER Ending Belly Fat


What They NEVER Told You About Eggs

Meet The New "Silent" Killer

How To INSTANTLY Improve Your Testosterone Levels

Improve Your Mortality By Increasing YOUR Testosterone Levels

What They NEVER Told You About Coffee

Tiny Creatures.  POWERFUL Health Benefits

Why Are We Throwing Away The Best Part Of The Coffee Bean?

What Does Acai Berry Really Do?

Is Algae A Nutritional Powerhouse?

Will Carbohydrates  Be The Cause Of Your DEATH?

The Truth About Bacon

Should You Avoid Eating Corn?

Should You NEVER Drink Diet Soda?

5 Foods To Eat For 1 Unusual Reason

Weird Fact About These 10 Fruits And Veggies

Caffeine And Skin Cancer?

The TRUTH About Instant Breakfast Shakes

Help Me Name This Recipe

Not a Fan of Vegetables?

Eliminate Sagging Man-Boobs...Fat Bellies...and Non-Existent Sex Drive

What Your Farts Can Tell You About Your Health

What Can Your Feet Tell You About Your Heart Health

The Dangers Lurking In Your Neti Pot

What Your Poop Can Tell You About Your Health

5 Conditions Your Breath May Be Able To Reveal About Your Health

Health of Your Nails + Your Own Body Health

3 Craving Crushing Strategies

5 Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

Your Favorite Olive Oil Brand Is a FRAUD

Sugar in Disguise (video)

Tongue + Your Heart

What Peanut Butter Does To Your Body

Health Alert: Grilling Can Cause THIS (video)

Alternative To Cardio (video)

5 Conditions Your Breath May Be Able To Reveal About Your Health

Do You Use These Oils For Cooking? (video)

Apple Cider Vinegar: Does It Live Up To The Hype? (video)

This INVISIBLE Substance Contributes To The Battle Of The Bulge (video)

The 5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep NAKED (all the time)

Sports Nutrition:

Power Up Your Post-Workout Nutrition

Should You "Spike" This Hormone?

What The Research Says About Eating After Strength Training

Why You Should Care About Maltodextrin?

The PERFECT Time To Enjoy Carbs

How Much Protein Do You Need After a Tough Workout?

Avoid These Dangerous Drinks For Kids

What Your Family Needs To Know About Hydration And Sports Drinks

Is Your Protein Powder Leaving You Feeling Gassy and Bloated Instead of Lean and Ripped?

The Easiest Way To Whip You Into Shape


Can Essential Fatty Acids Help Fight Diabetes?

Krill Oil May Be Effective At Lowering Fatty Acids In Type II Diabetes

Why Your "Old" Source Of Fiber Might Be Obsolete

Krill Oil May Prevent Premature Death In People With Diabetes

The WEIRD Connection Between Vitamin D And Diabetes