3 Types of Collagen To Restore Your Collagen Levels
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Specifically for women and men with deep wrinkles, “old-looking” skin, and stiff and sore joints and muscles:

A New & Different Way To Make Deep Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Stiff Joints, And Sore Muscles—Disappear Without Lotions, Creams, Or A Reliance On Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers.

If you’re suffering from stiff, painful joints…deep wrinkles or dull-looking skin…brittle hair and nails…or you’ve loss the strength in your bones…

Then you may be lacking a crucial protein your body relies on to keep every system and organ healthy.

This protein is collagen.

It is the most abundant protein in your body, and acts as the glue that holds your body together.

Just like glue, healthy collagen makes it easier to have healthy skin, hair, and nails…

Stronger bones and muscles…

And softer, more flexible joints.

But here’s the deal:

Today’s diet contains a much lower amount of collagen…making it harder to keep our collagen levels where we need them to be. 

Because there’s a good chance you’re not eating bone broth…organ meats…and cartilage and tendons.  Am I right?

This means we aren’t getting enough collagen to meet the demands of our body.

And when you combine a collagen-sparse diet with the normal course of aging…

You would be surprised that your collagen levels aren’t what they used to be.  In fact:

You May Have HALF The Collagen You Had In Your 20s!

Each year, the amount of collagen our body produces dips…leading to deep wrinkles, joint pain, sore muscles, hair loss and less sheen, and weaker bones and nails.

Although you may not realize it’s happening… 

Your collagen declines by 1 to 2% each year1

So by the time you hit your 40s and 50s…you may have HALF the collagen you did in your 20s1.

And since collagen is everywhere, this can lead to significant changes in your body…

Because collagen is the glue that holds your body together.  And without this glue….things eventually will fall apart.

So, if you have any of the following:

  • Stiff joints
  • Brittle hair
  • Weak nails that break often
  • Fine lines that crisscross your face
  • Deep wrinkles and laugh lines
  • Digestive issues
  • The inability to lose weight

…could be caused by declining collagen levels.

Unfortunately, this happens to everyone—leaving us looking and feeling “our age.”

Let me explain how we can fix this…

If you follow popular magazines, then you know the top celebrities swear by collagen to make them look—and feel years younger.

They all want you to buy collagen…

Because they understand the importance of collagen—and how it may be able to make you look and feel like you did in your 20s or even your early 30s.   Because face it…

The older you get…the more collagen you will lose.  But:

It’s not JUST about the number you turn every year…

Your diet also determines how strong your collagen is.  I know that it’s hard to eat perfectly each day…

And there are too many temptations to pass up.


If you constantly choose nutrient-poor foods to fuel your body...

It will accelerate collagen breakdown in your body.

Although our bodies are good at adapting to low-quality foods from a poor diet…

Our collagen isn’t so lucky.  

And this may cause many common complaints, including:

Stiff and Sore joints—due to declining cartilage in your bones.

Less elasticity in your skin—causing it to look dull, saggy, and “worn”

Sore muscles—decreases in muscle mass leading to stiffness and pain.

Digestive Issues—as collagen wears out in your stomach and intestines, you may be more susceptible to leaky gut syndrome and IBS11,12.

Weight Gain—uncontrolled appetite and low levels of estradiol could lead to body fat and weight gain…


Now, before we go any further…

There is something you need to know about “other” collagen products.  Although they may state they contain all the collagen your body needs…

They may ONLY contain one or two different classes of collagen—and not the THREE classes your body needs14.

In fact…

Just doing some quick research on Amazon…I found 5 different brands that only contain TWO collagen types your body needs.

Although these may have some benefit…

You won’t get all the benefits—since you’re not getting the THREE important collagen types found in your body. 

Missing some of the most important collagen types may cause:

  • Pain in your joints and muscles--making it harder to move and walk…
  • Weight gain—even when your diet has remained the same for years…
  • A bloated feeling in your stomach…
  • Brittle and weak nails that split and break easily…
  • Thinning hair and split ends…
  • Weak bones causing easy breaks…
  • Poor heart health.

The reason this happens has nothing to do with you—and what you’re currently doing…

But everything to do with off-brand collagen products.  Because:

They Are Missing The Top 3 Classes Of Collagen Your Body Needs

Unfortunately, most collagen products contain one or two classes of collagen—which won’t give your body the peptides it needs to rebuild your lost collagen.

The fact is:

Your body needs these THREE classes of collagen—which is what you will find in JayLab Pro Collagen Matrix.

The three classes you will get are:

Type I Collagen—the most common type of collagen—and the most abundant in our bodies.  It’s used to form our skin, hair, bones, tendons, corneas, blood vessels, and other connective tissue.  It’s one of the first types to decrease as we age—leading to deep wrinkles, laugh lines, and dark spots under your eyes.

Type II Collagen—the most abundant type of collagen found in your cartilage.  It protects your bones—so it helps keep your joints soft and cushiony.

Type III Collagen—found in your organs and skin—it helps keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.  
These three collagen classes make up 80% of the total collagen in your body.

So you can see why it’s vitally important for you to have these collagen types…

To keep your body feeling younger...stronger…and more agile.


There’s a good chance—if you’re using other collagen supplements—you’re flushing the collagen AND your money away.

You see, most collagen supplements come in three different varieties…

And since collagen is a large molecule—and your body has a hard time digesting large collagen molecules…

Most is lost in digestion.  So you may not gain any benefit from gelatin-based collagen supplements…

Or even RAW collagen.

You need a specialized kind of collagen—one that your body can break down easily…

And one that will start replenishing and repairing lost collagen stores.

JayLab Pro Collagen Complex Contains 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides…

So They Can Get To Work Right Way Repairing Your Lost Collagen Stores!

Although most collagen brands contain gelatin that clumps when you mix it…

And smells like “bone,” or something else nasty…

JayLab Pro Collagen Complex contains 100% hydrolyzed collagen peptides—for easier digestion and absorption in our bodies—that has no taste or smell.

This means…

When you use JayLab Pro Collagen Complex…

More of the collagen is absorbed by your body and it’s put to work improving collagen levels in your joints and fibroblasts…

Repairing our “old–looking” skin and deep wrinkles2,3,4,5, so it looks smooth, plump, and bouncy…

Making it shine and radiate youthfulness…

You may also see less muscular pain—since you’re supplying your body with the peptides to grow stronger, leaner, and more toned muscles…

Stronger cartilage and joints9,10…eliminating common aches and pains due to arthritis or other painful joint conditions…

Less gas, bloating, indigestion, or other stomach discomforts11,12--thanks to improvements in the health of your intestinal wall.


Collagen Boosts The Production Of A Powerful “Fat-Stripping” Hormone!

Not only does collagen help control your appetite…which keeps you from eating more…

Studies show that collagen may boost your “fat-stripping” hormone, glucagon.  Glucagon is a master hormone produced by your pancreas6.

Although its primary function is to maintain healthy blood sugar levels…

…it also allows your body to utilize stored fat for energy7,8.

The result: a noticeably leaner body—with less stubborn fat hanging around.


For pre-and-post menopausal women…it may accelerate body fat and weight loss—even without adequate estrogen levels.

You see, when estrogen levels start to decline in women, your estradiol levels also decrease…

…making losing weight harder—or even darn near impossible.

You see, estradiol helps to regulate metabolism and control your body weight.  And when you get closer to menopause…or even just a decrease in estrogen levels…

Your estradiol levels also start to decrease—making it easier to gain weight around your hips, belly, and thighs.


Studies show that post-menopausal women supplementing with collagen—have a much easier time losing weight and dropping body fat.15


Because the collagen was shown to mimic the weight loss effects normally seen with estradiol treatment levels—which might accelerate weight loss.

And ladies…

Collagen Counteracts Aging…To Reduce Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles Around Your Face And Eyes…

And Gives You Stronger Nails, Better Elasticity in Your Skin, And Longer, More Luscious Hair!

When you supplement with collagen…

You’re giving specialized receptors in your skin the amino acids they need to increase the production of collagen.

And ladies…

As you age, you know your estrogen levels15 may be significantly lower than they were in your 20s. 

And this could contribute to aging in your skin…

Deep wrinkles and fine lines on your face and around your eyes...

Age spots…

And laugh lines around the corners of your mouth.


When you supplement with collagen…

It replenishes lost collagen in your skin caused by low estrogen levels…

…leading to more elasticity in your skin and a more youthful appearance--free from deep wrinkles and dull looking skin2,3,4,5

Plus, our Collagen Complex contains Acerola Cherry—a natural form of vitamin C—and hyaluronic acid which are nutrients essential for returning moisture to your skin…

While combating inflammation and stimulating the production of collagen.

When vitamin C is combined with hyaluronic acid...

It may keep your skin plump, hydrated, and radiant—with better elasticity and flexibility.

“Other” Collagen Supplements Don’t Contain Our Top-Notch Ingredients:

Our collagen is sourced from Grass-fed Bovine

Certified Gluten Free

Sourced from non-GMO ingredients

Contains Types I, II, and III Collagen peptides

Mixes easily into hot or cold beverages—perfect for smoothies, tea, or coffee

Contains 6.6g of collagen per serving

Contains Hyaluronic acid—to support stronger, smoother joints and plumper, more radiant skin.

Sourced from free-ranged poultry cartilage

Sourced from wild-caught marine collagen


Contains no artificial sweeteners—most collagen supplements contain some form of sweetener.  Our’s doesn’t.  It comes unflavored—so it can mix seamlessly into any beverage with virtually no change in taste.

Younger skin, stronger nails, and luscious hair—once you ingest our Collagen Complex, you will start to notice changes in your skin, hair, and nails—as your body replenishes your lost collagen.

Achy joints no more—as our collagen complex works to strengthen the cartilage in your joints—you may notice less pain and stiffness—and “softer” joints when walking and climbing stairs.

Bloating--gone—our collagen starts to repair your intestinal lining, helping to reduce stomach and GI discomfort—and leaves you with less gas, bloating, and pain.

Better appetite control—collagen is a naturally-filling nutrient—that could reduce appetite and increase the feeling of fullness.  So you can keep your hunger under control and stimulate weight loss.

Call now or order online below to have your JayLab Pro Collagen Complex delivered straight to your door.  Be sure to take advantage of our SmartShip option for an additional 12% off your order—we’ll even cover the shipping cost if you’re in the US or Canada.

As you can imagine, I am super excited to present this brand-new product to you.  It’s just one more change we’ve made to make you look—and feel your best.

Even if you’ve tried other collagen products in the past—and weren’t happy with the results…

It was because you were getting a less-than-perfect collagen supplement—that didn’t contain the three class types your body needs.

This is why we are so excited about this product.  Not only are you getting the three most abundant collagen types…

You’re also getting vital amino acids needed to keep your body feeling younger every day...

Leaner and more toned and defined…

Less aches and pains…

And an easier time losing weight—or keeping your fat levels in check.

We are so excited about the results our Collagen Complex might deliver for you…we are putting our best guarantee on this product.

If You Don’t See Changes In Your Complexion…Smoother Joints…And Softer Hair and Stronger Nails…

…then it’s yours for FREE.

We are so confident that you will love our Collagen Complex and see changes in your skin and hair…

That I want to make it a no-brainer for you to order.

I am going to offer you my personal 60-day money back guarantee.  If, in the next 60 days, our Collagen Complex doesn’t live up to its promise…

I will give you a 100% refund on your order.

To show how confident I am that you will love our new Collagen Complex--I am putting my money where my mouth is.  

Could anything be better? Just call our toll-free number now for immediate shipment.  1-888-943-8776 to place your order with our friendly customer service representatives or order online by choosing the package that works best for you.


YES!  Send Me My Order Of JayLab Pro Collagen Complex So I Can Stay Young And Lead A More Pain-Free Life.


3 Types of Collagen To Restore Your Collagen Levels
Collagen Complex 1 Bottle

Collagen Complex 1 Bottle

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Collagen Complex 6 Bottles
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Collagen Complex 6 Bottles

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Collagen Complex 3 Bottles

Collagen Complex 3 Bottles

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